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Similar to embeds, in WordPress 4.2, they added support for emojis into core for older browsers. In addition, it also comes with other features to improve your WordPress sites security.

Similar to embeds, in WordPress 4.2, they added support for emojis into core for older browsers. In addition, it also comes with other features to improve your WordPress sites security. The plugin has undergone a complete design overhaul, both the theme, the admin options panel and the features have been upgraded and improved. And you’ll notice this plugin still gets frequent updates with the latest being 2 weeks ago. This plugin allows you to add the noindex, follow robots Meta tag in your post or pages to prevent their indexing in search engines, while still following the links on that page. Search Engine Optimization Plugin will analyse your title and heading tags and intelligently suggest changes to them for the perfect proven optimization. It analyses the title tags, the proper placement of the keywords, the images and links used on the page, the decorations used in the fonts and so on.

This could leave hundreds of rows in the database that aren’t attached to anyone.

If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according to the options you have set. These images are high quality but they also happen to be very large and very heavy. Note: Before renaming all images automatically, it is recommended to try renaming a few files first to ensure all of its associated references have been properly updated on your website. First things first. Let’s test your current sites page loading time, to see whether or not it requires boosting. If it’s bad (and your first few will be), you can always rerecord them at a later date. A slow site means a higher bounce rate and low dwell time, both signals to Google that your site provides a bad user experience. Recent studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 10 seconds or less. This could leave hundreds of rows in the database that aren’t attached to anyone. This simple but effective plugin allows you to clean up your database and optimize it without an need for technical knowledge. Robots meta tag plugin also gives you the option to add the nodp and nodir robots meta tag so that search engine will not follow the Dmoz and yahoo directory description of your Blog.

When you’re fully committed to achieving your goal, giving up is not an option. Customer support may disappoint you. Version 7.0 is approximately 30% faster than v5.6 and most sites built in the last 2 years easily support it. Testing your sites speed will also tell you the difference, before and after you apply these changes. When testing your website speed with Google PageSpeed Insights or another tool, you may receive a suggestion to fix render-blocking JavaScript and CSS code. Ability to further customize your gallery by using custom CSS. To test for your site loading time, I recommend using the following services. Most of the recommendations the above test sites recommend are easily achieved just by using CloudFlare’s service. Recommended by Google for their Page Speed Service comparison. I prefer W3 Total Cache over other plugins as it provides you a lot of advanced configurations to speed up your website.

Optimise WordPress Site Speed

Is total cache compatible with Cloudflare? They left their dashboard open for 30 minutes and there were 25 PHP script executions with a total of 5.77 CPU seconds. There are over 54,226 WordPress plugins that you can choose from. External scripts are having an increased time of downloading resources and it forces multiple loading attempts to a browser. Having understood what is involved, it is now essential to know how to go about it. Now that you have done your test for site speed, it is time to move on the next phase. Be sure to research and test potential affiliate products the best you can before signing on. This program has many great features; create a sitemap quickly, upload to your hosting account with a click of the mouse, analyze each page for search engine optimization, add Google AdSense, and affiliate links quickly to pages and much more. A a damn fine person, friend of the community, Certified Cryptocurerncy Expert (by Blockchain Council), Serial Entrepreneur, Author of Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers.

  • Custom CSS
  • Lessen redirects on your website
  • Optimize wordpress .htaccess for browser cache
  • Slow down your site (a lot of sliders load extra JavaScript which decreases your site speed)

Diagnose WordPress Performance Issues

If you want an easy way to display an author profile at the end of your website’s posts, consider using the Simple Author Box plugin. There is no doubt that one of the most important things for a website’s effectiveness is speed. WP Optimize – During the course of time, your WordPress database piles up a lot of bytes by keeping post revisions, … ( among other things. Uninstall unused or useless plugins – WordPress plugins are great and makes our lives a lot easier. WhichLoadsFaster – Great to compare two websites head-to-head. All of them are free and I suggest you run a site test on at least two of them to compare results. Pingdom – Another great tool to test for site speed. If you login to GT Metrix and change the test region to Dallas, the speed will improved significantly. Marketers have been talking about the necessity to speed up your page load for ages. Compare your site website load time with a competitor and see results.